Pressure Sensitive Labels

Self Adhesive Label or Pressure Sensitive Label is most commonly used for Branding product containers of any shape or material.

We supply self adhesive labels to various industries which include Food & Beverages, House hold products, Lubricants, Pharma & Pesticides, Cosmetic and Health Care and all such industries which require Labeling.

  • These include labels on substrate
  • Chromo Hotmelt Label Paper
  • Clear Transparent Film
  • PP Opaque Film
  • BOPP Metalized Film
  • PE Film
  • Paper/Board 50 gsm to 450 gsm

We provide labels with effects of UV, Metlallic, Texture etc as required by our customers.

All our labels are with strong Hot-melt adhesive, coated In-house.

Filmic Labels

At Prakash, we specialize in Filmic labels using different substrates such as BOPP Opaque, PP Metallic, P.E., Clear Transparent labels.

We provide options of Metallic, Texture, Screen majorly used in Cosmetic, Beverages including Mineral Water, House Hold and such labels.

All our labels are with strong Hot-melt adhesive, coated In-house

Metallic - Holographic Labels

At Prakash, we make many high end labels which include Metallic and Holographic labels. Majorly these are used in Cosmetic Industry with drip-off or texture making the label more appealing and eye catching to the customer.

These labels add value to the product making it eye catching for the customer.
We supply Metallic/Holographic labels to Cosmetic, Steel, Household and many other industries.

All our labels are with strong Hot-melt adhesive, coated In-house

Clear - Transparent Labels

At Prakash, we specialize in see-through label with multi color printing and metallic or holographic foil effects.
These labels virtually disappear when applied to the product container and seem to be the part of the container itself.
Majorly supplied for High End Packaged Drinks, Cosmetics, Liquor (Breweries), Plastic Home ware and such industries.

Shrink Sleeves

At Prakash we specialize in Shrink Sleeve labels, specially in lower quantities.
Advantage of Printing Shrink Sleeves at Prakash

  • Low Quantity Jobs possible
  • Low Cost. Printed with Servo technology press. Negligible Waste
  • Low Cost. No need for expensive cylinder. Can print with Digital plates at almost 20% of Cost of Cylinder.

Multilayer / Booklet Labels

At Prakash, we manufacture Booklet Labels or Multi Layer Labels where in we print up to 4 layers on the same label. This helps the customer to put extensive information on one single label and not add much bulk to the packaging. They peel back clearly with no adhesive residue and can be resealed.

Polyester and Unsupported Material Printing

At Prakash, apart from labels we also do printing job work for polyester and other unsupported materials. Substrates range from 12 Micron Polyester to 450 Gsm Board
We also do printing job work for Short run Shrink Sleeves. The use of Digital plates instead of Cylinder allows to print substrates in short run at low cost as compared to conventional printing with cylinders.