Cosmetics & Personal Care

Package design helps differentiate your product and communicate the quality of your brand. In addition to imparting important information on the packaging, product codes can help enhance the quality image of your products. Further, value-added coding strategies of cosmetics homecare and beauty products.


Prakash Printers is committed to developing and enhancing our pharmaceutical printing so it is easier for you to get vital information to your customers. We do it through a foundation in Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP) that work to achieve consistency in all of our print processes.

Food & Beverages

In food and beverage industry, competition comes from all sides. So you need to be sure that your packaging or label is working as hard as it can to help your business stand out.

Home Care Products

We make excellent quality, high performing labels for a wide range of home and personal care products. Our team of label professionals has lots of experience in designing label solutions for home and personal care clients.


Lubrication is important aspect of every CNC machine and the RepRap is no exception. Proper lubrication will make your machine run smoothly, will suppress or even remove ugly noises and reduce wear and tear of your components.